On July 6, Meta launched a new social network — Threads. Visually and in essence, it is an analog of Twitter. And how about the traffic? Let’s discuss and share Aff1.com impressions.

In Threads, you can:

  • post text messages
  • answer them
  • put likes,
  • share other people’s posts on your profile.

In short, the same as Twitter.

And yet, this is not Twitter at all, but its competitor (in theory). Threads is integrated with Instagram, so when registering, you can log in through Instagram and simply transfer personal data and subscribers from there.

What does this mean for traffic arbitrage?

If you have worked with Twitter and/or Reddit, then you know the specifics of these social networks. Here we are not talking about direct advertising and banners but about native ads.

The main advantage of such social networks is continuous user-generated content. Consequently, the level of trust in the content is very high.

Judging by the first hours of work of Threads, brands register in the new social network and simply transfer key information about themselves from Instagram. This tactic seems logical – at least you have another platform to present.

This is how you can create an account in Threads: with a photo, description, external links.

Moreover, while the competition is not great and there are more chances to catch the eye of a potential audience.

Otherwise, the recommendations are as follows: create an account, upload attractive content (texts, pictures, slogans can be used here), and be sure to comment on other people’s threads to attract attention.

You may find our article with practical advice useful Concept Source: How to Use the Reddit Effect for Affiliate Marketing. Much in common in terms of strategy.

Also helpful is How to promote Nutra offers using Native Ads.

If you’re serious about getting into Threads, take the big brand accounts as a model. For example, the Wendy’s account is still our favorite. Just tailor your ToV to suit your purpose.

Screensaver from the official site

A few technical points

The Threads app is currently available in the AppStore. The Android version will come later.

You can add links to your profile description. This is necessary to attract traffic.

An example of an account and post for a typical Nutra offer.