YeezyPay is a convenient solution created by the YeezyPay payment service team for renting and topping up Google Ads agency ad accounts.

YeezyPay offers solo affiliates and affiliate teams the opportunity to quickly top up the balance of an ad account, withdraw funds with a commission of only 5% of the amount, and receive support from a personal manager 24/7. The service also guarantees a refund in case any of the ad accounts you acquire from them gets banned.

What YeezyPay users get

Affiliate marketers and advertisers who use the YeezyPay service receive the following:

  • Google ad accounts with a high level of trust in the advertising platform.
  • A 100% money-back guarantee if the account gets banned.
  • Quick top-up of the balance with cryptocurrency, with one of the lowest commissions on the market for crypto deposits.
  • A convenient and concise platform interface for tracking advertising campaign costs.
  • 24/7 support from a personal manager.

In addition, there is no need to include VAT in the budget, as it does not apply to users of the service.

YeezyPay: Registration and Personal account

To register with YeezyPay, there is no need to fill out a contact form, confirm your account via email, or wait for confirmation from a personal service manager. Creating a personal user account in YeezyPay only requires a Telegram account. The first step is to visit the website at and click on the “Sign up” button. Then, select “Sign up via Telegram.”

Then, in a chat with the company’s bot, click on the “Get a new login link” button and proceed by following the link generated by the bot.

There are several main tabs in the user’s personal account menu:

DepositIn this tab, you can add funds to your account within the service.

The deposit can be made both in RUB and USDT (TRC 20), USDT (ERC 20).

Transfers – This section provides a simple form for topping up the account. Here, you can deposit funds in USD, RUB, EUR, or USDT (TRC20, ERC20) currencies.

Payouts – In this tab, affiliates can view the remaining funds in their account, displayed in various currencies. They also have the option to withdraw these funds if the ad account has been banned.

History – A page that displays information on all transactions in the account.

The tab has a convenient filter system that allows you to select data by transaction purpose, payment status, operation ID, card number, amount, and date.

Google Ads – In this tab, you work with Google Ads accounts. Here, you can track information for each account (including closed ones) and connect new ones. However, to do so, you need to use Gmail email addresses that have not been banned by the Google Ads platform and have a phone number attached to them. In this case, it is only allowed to link one advertising account to one email.

YeezyPay’s Google Ads agency accounts have increased trust and priority in campaign moderation.

Getting a Google Ads agency account in YeezyPay

To obtain a Google Ads agency account through YeezyPay, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website and sign up using your Telegram account.
  2. Once signed up, access the bot and obtain a link to enter and top up your balance conveniently through the Deposit tab (remember to consider the payment system’s commission).
  3. In the Transfers tab, convert the deposited funds into USD and notify your account manager via message.

After discussing all the details, they will send an invitation email to link your email account to your new Google Ads agency account.

You just need to follow the link in the email you receive to gain access to your Google Ads agency account.

Moderation and allowed verticals

As for the moderation of advertising campaigns, it does not exist as much while you are using the YeezyPay service. To avoid any disputes, it is recommended to discuss all the details in advance through the support chat, including the verticals you plan to advertise in and the advertising formats. After registering and funding your account, it is advisable to have a discussion with your account manager regarding your advertising formats and offers.

With YeezyPay agency accounts, you can promote applications, mobile subscriptions, all whitehat products and services, as well as Nutra, gambling, and betting.

However, working with the last two niches is only allowed through UAC ads, and in the Nutra niche, it is important to monitor the frequency of account bans. If there are frequent bans, the service reserves the right to terminate the cooperation and allow you to withdraw the remaining balance through any convenient method.

In addition to Google Ads agency accounts, YeezyPay also offers Facebook Ads and Unity Ads advertising accounts. To obtain these, please contact Customer Support, available 24/7.

Commissions in the YeezyPay service

The following are the commissions that the YeezyPay service charges for its operations:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange in EUR, USD (1%).
  • Topping up the balance of the advertising account (5%).
  • Refunding the deposit made to top up the balance of the advertising account in case it gets banned ( 5%).
  • Receipt of Wire/SEPA transfers (2%).


YeezyPay is a convenient service with a simple workflow that solves the issue of not only obtaining trusted cards for funding advertising accounts but also acquiring trusted advertising accounts. Additionally, it can be used to top up the balance of existing advertising accounts. The service offers a convenient monitoring and reporting system for all transactions, coupled with experienced support, which helps make advertising campaigns more efficient and profitable.