One of the cool things about arbitrage is the constant “arms race.” We choose the most convenient and useful tools, looking for new solutions. Today, the Aff1 team is talking about the Taboola native advertising platform. How and why to use this service for advertising.

What it is

In short, Taboola is a multifunctional service for attracting traffic from different sites. Its main features:

  • placement of native advertising content on various sites, including TOP sites (Business Insider, Bloomberg, The NYT, The Weather Channel, etc.);
  • coverage of target audiences;
  • advertising optimization;
  • recognition on premium sites that readers trust.

The system works on the basis of its own predictive algorithm. The algorithm takes into account user behavior, location, context, social trends, and other factors to personalize advertising on the network.

This is what native advertising by Taboola looks like.

Such advertising is called native. And native advertising is an effective solution to today’s overloaded Internet, a solution that solves the problem of annoying ads and banner blindness. We wrote in detail about native advertising in a special article, Bye, Facebook! Hello native! Why and how to change the source of traffic“.

How it works

Essentially, Taboola acts as an intermediary between advertisers and platforms. Everyone gets their own benefit:

  • ads are shown to a large audience with many clicks and high conversion (provided by the right targeting);
  • Websites make money by placing ads.

But the main thing is that advertising is not like advertising and inspires the trust of the audience. Because advertising messages (banners, videos, articles, etc.) are shown to exactly the suitable viewer at the right time.

The scheme of the platform can be reflected in just a few theses:

  1. Imagine a guy named Max. Max went to your site (or your direct competitor’s) but never bought anything. It’s embarrassing, but very typical.
  2. Max minds his own business. Reads the news, looks at memes, goes to different sites on the Internet. And sees your ad again. “It’s a sign!” Max thinks. Or: “They’re watching me.” In principle, both options are valid.
  3. Reminders of your product in one form or another will be shown to Max until he returns to your site and finally makes a purchase.


The platform has a tool to find out selling trends. You can check which techniques, visuals, and styles work best for your audience.

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Titles
  • keywords
  • Topics

This is convenient for creating creatives and planning ads. You don’t have to guess at the risk of being wrong, just look and do what the statistics back up.


The administration checks the offers before launching an advertising campaign. The offer will be checked, and if there are suspicions that it is gray, they simply will not let it through.

Gray verticals are blocked. Do not try to promote adult or gambling here. If you use news – they must be true, unique methods for health – the offer will not pass without a test and recommendations.

Nutra is allowed, optimally – offers for cosmetics. Health products are doing worse, and it is important for them to think through advertising well.

How effective is it

Those who use the services of Taboola claim that the service is useful. In particular, big brands present their cases:

  • Nissan Reaches 24,000,000 Potential Customers.
  • Super-Pharm Sees a 503% ROAS in Just Six Months.
  • Durex Pushes 18x Higher Return on Investment (ROAS), 51% Increase CTR, 3X Higher Conversion Rate Than Other Channels.
  • Vodafone Turkey Drives 16% Lower CPA with Target CPA (Taboola’s SmartBid Solution).
  • Beleza na Web Increases vCTR by 94% with Taboola Contextual Targeting.

You might argue that these are big sellers with huge budgets. But keep in mind that the effectiveness does not depend on the size, but on the settings of the advertising campaign. If they are correct, then any budget will work more efficiently.

Therefore, remember that Taboola advertises on top sites with an audience from the US and Europe. The Canadian audience is slightly behind, but a little. All these are TIER 1 and 2. Are these parameters suitable for your offer and advertising campaign?


You can get started with Taboola for $10 a day.

Instead of conclusions

Taboola is a powerful platform that offers several advertising tools at once.

Pros: Precise targeting and retargeting settings. A client who has left the target site will unobtrusively come across ads on similar resources and will most likely return.

Minus: Rigid moderation. Offer, source, text, and creatives are moderated.

At the same time, efforts are focused on the countries of Europe and the USA, reaching 1.4 billion users. If you drive from these GEOs, then Taboola will come in handy for you.

And if you want to get advice, clarify something, or just chat, managers are always in touch!