Sometimes it can take weeks for a media buyer to find a successful combination of an offer, a traffic source, and a creative. Before finding a converting angle, media buyers have to test dozens of offers with various traffic sources. Testing requires allocating a significant portion of the budget and being prepared for the possibility of time and money loss. What should you do if the amount spent at the beginning already causes anxiety, and it’s difficult to forecast the prospects accurately? For those who want to save their nerves and money, we have prepared a case study based on statistical data obtained from a media buyer working with Push.House. Enjoy reading.

One of the most popular verticals promoted through push notifications is dating. Offers for dating apps and websites are considered evergreen niches that remain relevant regardless of the season. Online dating services are a common way to find partners in Tier-1 countries, and Europe is no exception. Residents of many European Union countries are active users of dating apps and platforms for finding partners, whether for a one-night stand or a longer-term relationship. Services with easy registration are particularly popular. This case study focuses on an undisclosed dating offer (the author of the case study didn’t want to name the offer to avoid potential competition). However, it was an SOI (Single Opt-In) offer with a straightforward target action.

Here are the details of the case study:

Offer: Dating SOI

GEO (Geographical Targeting): Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Spain (IT, GB, US, ES)

Ad Format: Push notifications

Period: May 19, 2023 – Present

Expenses: $392.43

Revenue: $808.15

Profit: $415.72

CR (Conversion Rate): 2,687 out of 24,643

ROI (Return on Investment): 105.88%

Here are the author’s comments on the case study (grammar and punctuation errors have been corrected):

This was my first experience with I heard about this advertising network on one of the popular arbitrage forums. The number of positive reviews caught my attention from the start. A detailed platform review, demonstrating the simplicity of launching a campaign, helped me make the final decision to start. After that, I began preparing the advertising campaign.

For the launch, I used an offer from a popular dating platform known for its simplicity of the intended target action. I had previously promoted it in other major and equally popular traffic sources, but this time, the search for a new converting traffic sources led me to push notifications. To say that I was surprised after my first experience with the platform would be an understatement. started impressing me right from the start. The interface was simple and intuitive, and I didn’t encounter any difficulties during the launch phase.

Based on my previous experience with campaigns, I knew that my offer was well-suited for Europe. Therefore, I decided to start with Italy. The conversion in this region significantly differs from other European countries. This is due to the peculiarities of the Italian mentality, which is open to new acquaintances. Italians, in general, are quite open to short-term connections. I can say that the stereotypes associated with them are not baseless and are confirmed with practice.

When preparing the advertising campaign for Italy, I used the following parameters:

Badge: I recommend using buttons and badges because they truly impact the increase in CTR and CR. For my campaign, I chose “Chatting” as the badge. From other case studies, I knew that notifications, that look like real conversations convert significantly better than other formats.

18+ Creative: Yes, I used a creative with images of nudity, so I had to label it as 18+.

Button Text: Apri (Italian for “open“) and Nuovo messaggio (Italian for “new message“).

Title: Melissa ha inviato (1) foto (Italian for “Melissa sent (1) photo“).

Ad Text: Fai cio che vuoi con me foto gui (Italian for “Do whatever you want with my naughty photo“).

As a main image and an icon, I used an image of a naked female breast. The configuration resulted in the following push notification.

The campaign moderation process went very quickly. After the review, the campaign immediately started generating good volumes of traffic. I obtained the first conversions within a few hours. Normally, I approach the scaling process quite seriously, carefully studying the peculiarities of each region and extensively customizing the creatives before expanding to new GEOs. However, based on the data I received here, it was easy for me to assess the quality and volume of traffic and analyze the prospects in other GEOs. I was so impressed with the results of the campaign that, within a day, I scaled it to the United Kingdom, Spain, and the United States. To date, I have achieved the best performance in Italy and the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, due to caps in the other GEOs, I had to pause the campaigns.

Throughout the entire campaign, I have not optimized it once and continue running it with the same parameters as when I initially launched it. Currently, the campaign is demonstrating the following numbers:

Trust the numbers or don’t, the choice is yours. For me, the choice of a traffic source have long been obvious.

Finally, I want to emphasize once again that this is my first experience working with a push network. Despite my initial doubts and lack of any experience, I can say that Push.House is a great scaling platform that does not require any super knowledge from the buyer.

Thanks to this case, I realized that in order to achieve good results, it is not necessary to work with Facebook or Google. You just need to have a good partner in the form of an advertising network, know the characteristics of the audience where the promotion is planned, and have a high-quality offer that can bring benefits. I hope that my case will inspire someone to try their hand at getting push traffic, just like the reviews about the platform did me once.

Good luck!