Representatives of the affiliate marketing community often repeat the thesis that Facebook hinders their work, and Zuckerberg constantly tightens the screws. However, Facebook remains one of the most valuable sources of traffic, and operating in the market without it can be difficult. Today, MakeMoney TEAM will reveal an unconventional aspect of working with Facebook. We will discuss how webmasters can interact with the social network’s support to gain perks.

The principles of customer support on Facebook

Let’s start with the fact that Facebook relies on advertising revenue. This means the company is interested in continually increasing the number of active advertisers and ensuring a positive customer experience.

It’s no secret that advertisers often encounter various issues: rejections, policies, micro-spends, ad disapprovals, and more. All these inconveniences can hinder smooth ad campaigns but are in place to maintain the stability of Facebook’s ecosystem and to protect against dishonest advertisers.

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On social media, there’s an Advertising Support department that provides technical assistance for ads. After launching campaigns, you can reach out to support through email, online chat, or the ticketing system. You can ask support agents any questions related to your ad account.

If the Meta Support Pro option is not available, it’s possible that there are restrictions on your profile. In that case, you won’t be able to contact support directly. You can only use the form if it appears in your ad account.

Not many people are aware, but Meta doesn’t have its own support team. They contract services from specialized companies that act as intermediaries between advertisers and the corporation. Consequently, the support team doesn’t have a magical “unban” button. They redirect requests to Meta’s internal department and await a decision.

Support staff can check the type of restriction and create a ticket for Facebook representatives. Therefore, it’s not reasonable to expect an immediate response or a quick resolution of issues from them.

This year, a support employee gave an interview to an affiliate media and clearly stated that they often receive templated responses from other departments and struggle to obtain the necessary information. The lack of effective communication between different Meta structures significantly complicates the lives of advertisers.

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How webmasters can score perks through support

Some webmasters may proudly share their successful cases of interaction with support, such as getting their accounts unbanned or increasing daily spend limits, but such examples are rare. However, there is a chance to obtain other pleasant perks.

In Facebook Ads, there’s a special form of advertising payment – coupons. You can request them from a support agent in a few cases. The value of the promo varies, but support often provides a code for $100. This presents a great opportunity to save on your advertising budget.

You can obtain a coupon in the following situations:

  1. Quality complaints about advertising tools. For instance, if the pixel incorrectly tracks events despite correct setup, and the campaign isn’t optimizing properly.
  2. Decreased campaign performance due to updates. After the introduction of new updates, accounts may stop spending or experience a decrease in impressions.
  3. Bugs in the ad account. In this case, a coupon will only be provided if there is evidence and a thorough examination of the request.

Free coupons might seem like a fairy tale to beginners, but in practice, there have been numerous global outages when it was easy to get a coupon. For example, in May of this year, most advertisers couldn’t access billing. Some created a support ticket and secured a $100 coupon.

Among the global bugs, you can also highlight the temporary fund hold error and a bug related to data extraction from lead forms. Many webmasters managed to get coupons, but the issues were quickly fixed. Whoever managed to, managed to.

With a simple life hack, you can double the coupons: link the first coupon in your billing → try to activate it on another account → take a screenshot of the error → submit a request to support. As a result, you’ll get $200 instead of $100.

When it comes to increasing your daily spending limit, it’s not as straightforward, but there are also positive cases in public forums. To submit a request, you need an account with a tier-2 level and no delays in paying bills. You can check your profile’s trust level using a browser extension.

The conclusion is quite clear: support in Facebook’s ad account can be useful for webmasters. Even if you can’t increase your spending, you might obtain a promo code and save a few hundred dollars on your bill.

Feel free to chat and let us know if you’ve received a coupon from Meta and how often you encounter bugs in your account. Also, consider subscribing to our Telegram blog, where we often share hacks to help you run more effective campaigns.