The US is the ultimate goal for many affiliate marketers, a land of immense potential that promises immense profit. Many media buying teams set their sights on conquering the American market, but the journey to success on US soil is a hard one. Rare teams are lucky enough to live their American dream, and most of them join hands with Alfaleads. 

In this article, we will delve into the nuances of legalization of the iGaming products, unveil the top traffic sources, and dissect the unique traits of the local audience. As a cherry on top, we’ll introduce you to offers with staggering payout rates of up to $380. 

Table of contents 

  • The evolution of iGaming in America: 
  • The present situation 
  • Which states allow iGaming
  • Where do you find the richest players? 
  • The most trustworthy advertisers for Americans 
  • Popular channels and traffic sources 
  • Beloved sports across America 
  • Complexities of launching ad campaigns 
  • The hottest offers for the US
  • Getting started with iGaming in the USA 

The evolution of iGaming in America: 

Let’s explore the pivotal milestones that have shaped the American iGaming market: 

  • The year 1994 witnessed the inception of online casinos in America. They operated under the regulations of the Federal Gaming Commission.
  • In 2006, a ban on deposits and withdrawals using bank cards was enacted. However, iGaming operators circumvented this restriction by embracing cryptocurrencies and e-wallets.

  • The year 2011 marked a pivotal “thaw” in the iGaming landscape. While betting was still banned, a breath of fresh air was breathed into lotteries, poker, and other games, igniting a new phase of growth and expansion.

  • In 2021, the revision of the Federal Wire Act and the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) set the stage for the legalization of sports betting in various states. 

The present situation 

According to the American exchange NASDAQ, mainly dealing with high-tech company shares, the American sports betting market is poised to exhibit a noteworthy Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.1% by 2028. What’s interesting is that this growth will be primarily driven by online betting. 

Talking about this year, experts project the iGaming market’s total worth to exceed a staggering $11 billion. 

These figures unmistakably highlight a single trend: the increasing allure of gambling among the American audience. A recent sociological survey revealed that nearly 10% of adult Americans indulge in betting and casino gaming at least once a week. 

This interest has not gone unnoticed by the iGaming industry, which is continuously boosting its advertising budgets. This year, the budgets are expected to surge, reaching a substantial $1.9 billion. 

Which states allow iGaming 

In the United States, the regulation of gambling activities varies significantly from state to state. Some states permit only betting, some exclusively house casinos, and others welcome both. Further details on specific states are provided below. 

States with legalized betting

Arizona (AZ)

Louisiana (LA)

Arkansas (AR)

Maryland (MD)

Iowa (IA)

Massachusetts (MA)

Washington (WA)

Michigan (MI)

West Virginia (WV)

Nevada (NV)

New Hampshire (NH)

Illinois (IL)

New Jersey (NJ)

New York (NY)

Indiana (IN)

Colorado (CO)

Connecticut (CT)

Kansas (KS)

Kentucky (KU)

Ohio (OH)

Oregon (OR)

Pennsylvania (PA)


States with legalized casinos

Delaware (DE)

West Virginia (WV)

Connecticut (CT)

Michigan (ML)

Nevada (NV)

New Jersey (NJ)

Pennsylvania (RA)

States where both casinos and betting are legalized

West Virginia (WV)

Connecticut (CT)

Michigan (MI)

Nevada (ML)

New Jersey (NJ)

Pennsylvania (RA)

The process of iGaming legalization is an ongoing saga in the USA. For instance, Ohio joined the ranks of states allowing betting only this winter. According to M&C Saatchi Performance, the country’s collective volume of sports betting is anticipated to soar to a staggering $16 billion by 2026. 

Where do you find the richest players? 

When it comes to the states boasting the most affluent citizens, the top five contenders are Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Washington D.C., and Maryland. However, it’s essential to note that New York also has the biggest population. 

States with the highest average salary in 2023:

Massachusetts — 65,680 USD (betting)

New York — 63,970 USD (betting)

Connecticut — 62,350 USD (betting, casino

Washington, DC — 62,020 USD (betting)

Maryland — 60,230 USD (betting)

States with the highest population density:

New York — 20.4 mln (betting)

Illinois — 12.8 mln (betting)

Ohio — 11.8 mln (betting)

Michigan — 10.1 million (betting, casino)

Arizona — 7.3 million (betting)

States with the highest sports betting amounts for 2022

– over $5 billion

– below $5 billion

New York — $16.3 billion

New Jersey $10.9 billion

Illinois — $9.8 billion

Nevada — $6.7 billion

Pennsylvania — $7.3 billion

Arizona — $5.5 billion

Colorado- $5.2 billion

Virginia — $4.9 billion

Michigan — $4.0 billion

Indiana — $4.5 billion

As for the most lucrative professions, the top positions are mostly filled by individuals from the following sectors: 

  • Medical professionals (including surgeons, dentists, and general practitioners) 
  • IT experts (programmers, application developers, etc.)
  • The pharmaceutical industry 
  • The financial sector 

A recent study conducted by the research group CivicScience delved into the habits of American sports bettors who engage in online betting. The findings paint an intriguing picture: 

  • Men constitute a substantial 80% of gamblers, while women make up the remaining 20% 
  • Half of the audience falls within the age bracket of 18 to 34 (the average age is 38.1 years)
  • Of these avid players, a whopping 67% are employed full-time
  • 45% of them earn an annual income exceeding $75,000 

The most trustworthy advertisers for Americans 

In the U.S. market, the trust of the American audience is often placed in the most prominent companies and products, including: 

FanDuel — a US gaming company that operates betting shops in several states, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and West Virginia. 

The stats show 1.4 million unique users from February to April 2023. 

DraftKings — an American bookmaker specializing in fantasy sports. 

In the same three-month period (February to April 2023), it boasted 1.2 million unique users. 

BetMGM — a bookmaker under the ownership of Entain Holding and the US operator MGM Resorts International. 

It attracted 1.1 million unique users from February to April 2023. 

PartyCasino — this online casino has been in operation since 1997. 

Over three months (February to April 2023), it recorded 270 thousand unique users. 

BetRivers — both sportsbook and casino operator in numerous states. 

It garnered the trust of 237 thousand unique users during the period (February to April 2023). 

PointsBet — originating from Australia, PointsBet ventured into the U.S. market in 2019. The bookmaker has a license and currently operates in 10 states. 

In the first quarter of 2023, it claimed the trust of 32 thousand unique users. 

Channels and traffic sources popular in the USA 

Using the Similar Web analytics service, we have analyzed the audiences of the seven companies mentioned earlier. 

Traffic distribution by channel. Traffic distribution by social media.

The data is sourced from Similar Web and encompasses aggregated values derived from an analysis of seven companies.

As you can see in the first image, the largest share of the traffic (36.64%) falls on Direct, followed by Organic traffic (32.22%). Approximately 23.87% of users are referred from third-party websites. The remaining shares are distributed among Social, Email, Advertisement, and Paid traffic. 

The second image highlights the preferred platforms for content consumption among users. YouTube videos and short tweets are the most popular choices among the audience 

Additionally, at Alfaleads, we analyzed the effectiveness of various ad campaigns targeting the United States and found the following top performers: 

TOP 3 efficient traffic sources:

  • PPC — reg2dep from 22% 
  • UAC — reg2dep from 16% 
  • SEO — reg2dep from 23%

Note! Your site should not be accessible from the states where gambling is banned. 

Sources that are worth mentioning: 

  • Email/SMS 
  • Teaser/Banner 
  • Facebook
  • In-App

Beloved sports across America 

The United States, being a diverse and multicultural nation, embraces a wide array of sports. Regional preferences often dictate which sports are most beloved in different states. Here’s a breakdown of popular sports in various parts of America: 

The United States, being a diverse and multicultural nation, embraces a wide array of sports. Regional preferences often dictate which sports are most beloved in different states. Here’s a breakdown of popular sports in various parts of America: 


  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Illinois
  • Maryland


  • Colorado
  • Oregon 
  • Utah
  • Wisconsin 


  • Massachusetts 
  • Missouri 
  • New Hampshire 
  • Vermont
  • Nevada

Complexities of launching an ad campaign 

Given that each U.S. state has the autonomy to regulate gambling activities, the requirements can vary significantly. Nonetheless, there are general rules and requirements that all iGaming companies must adhere to: 

  • Advertisements should not target audiences under the age of 21 (minors)

  • Creatives targeting the U.S. must contain disclaimers, warning of the dangers of gambling addiction, contact information for counseling services, and so forth. The requirements vary from state to state and may include font size, number of characters, etc.
  • Advertisements should not employ misleading language or false claims

  • An addiction hotline telephone number must be included in the ad to provide support to those in need

The hottest offers for the US 

As promised, here is the list of the hottest Alfaleads offers, including those with a record payout rate of up to $380. 


States — New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan

Payout rate: 380 USD

CasinoCash Daily (CPL)

States — Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey

Payout rate: 5.6 USD


State — New Jersey

Payout rate: 250 USD

Tipico Casino

State — New Jersey

Payout rate: 280 USD

Customer Care Team Alfaleads or your dedicated manager will help you access any of the offers. 

Getting started with iGaming in the USA 

Today, Alfaleads stands out as one of the select affiliate networks with a deep understanding of the American iGaming market. If you’re eager to explore a fresh and promising GEO, simply register on our website. Also, make sure to communicate your experience and objectives to our support team. Rest assured, we will secure the most lucrative deal tailored to your needs. See you at Alfaleads!