PIN-UP Partners has been voted the best affiliate gaming and betting program not only by several webmaster reviews, but also by a vote at the affiliate conference KINZA’21.

In this article, we will go over the benefits of working with PIN-UP Partners for webmasters and answer the main question “Where can I drive traffic?“. Let’s begin with the benefits!

Advantages of PIN-UP Partners

The PIN-UP Partners affiliate network began its work in 2016. The brand is actively growing and is currently operating in the CIS, Asia, and South America regions. PIN-UP Partners is a product affiliate program that works exclusively with webmasters on their own offers of PIN-UP Casino and PIN-UP Bet

  • More than ten converting GEOs with exceptional localization and a comprehensive set of payment and marketing retention tools. Among them are Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, India, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Canada; 
  • According to various partner reviews, it has the best conversion rate on the market for $$$-traffic.
  • Statistics with unrivaled transparency (cohort analysis, showing each player’s activity down to the game log and each transaction);
  • Short registration form in 1 field by phone/e-mail;
  • With locations in six countries, it has its own professional call center and support team.
  • In-house developed products; 
  • A strategy for attracting both male and female gamblers;
  • Availability of local Ukrainian and Kazakh licenses;
  • The most experienced and dedicated account managers, who consistently develop their abilities through in-house training, know the product, all traffic sources, and all partnership tools;
  • Free iOS/Android apps for our partners;
  • Possibility of advance payment;
  • KPI traffic light;
  • Transparent RevShare formula with no hidden or variable admin/provider fees;
  • Non-cut shorts: lifetime waiting period for the first deposit after registration, tarif/rate attached to registration;
  • Low minimum for the first deposit;
  • Great bonus program for players;
  • 4,000 slots and more than 50,000 sporting events;
  • Cool loyalty program for webmasters.

PIN-UP Partners affiliate program is continually developing to satisfy the high expectations of its partners and to differentiate itself from competing affiliate programs and products. 

PIN-UP Partners in Facts and Figures

PIN-UP Partners is about facts and figures, not colorful promises, so we will share with you the information that is useful when choosing an affiliate program. 


Offers are fully localized in 10 languages: Brazilian, Spanish, Azerbaijani, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian, English, Kazakh and Hindi. 

All pre-landing pages, promotions and creatives are tested before launch and checked by native speakers. In South America, translations are made with local Portuguese and Spanish in mind. The selection of slots and sporting events is unique to each GEO operation!

How much will one lead bring you according Cost Per Action (CPA)

The CPA rate is the most popular offer when working with affiliate webmasters. The CPA offer can be obtained by agreement with a personal manager. Payouts range from $20 to $80 per deposit. 

Average rates at PIN-UP Partners:

  • Ukraine – $ 20-50
  • Kazakhstan – $25-60
  • Azerbaijan — $35-70
  • Brazil – $20-50
  • India – $20-60
  • Turkey – $40-70
  • Peru – $35-50
  • Chile – $ 30-55

The affiliate program is ready to issue an individual rate at which it will redeem traffic when driving traffic is tested and the rate on which the traffic is going to be redeemed is calculated.

How much will a RevShare lead bring you?

RevShare at PIN-UP Partners is the best on the market. We do not make empty promises or hidden commissions, and all figures are reduced to a single average figure for the convenience of partners. We have never recounted revshare or canceled our responsibilities, we have never upsold the base, and the webmaster can perform any calculations himself by using the instruments details in the affiliate program’s statistics.

PIN-UP Partners provides a simple formula for calculating revshare income that has no hidden reductions or deductions: 

Earnings = (((SUMbt – SUMwin) – 10%*) -10%) x Rs

Let’s break it down to make it even clearer:

  • SUMbt is the amount of bets;
  • SUMwin is the player’s winnings;
  • %* is the percentage to the game provider of the difference between the deposit and the winning;
  • % is percentage of payment systems from the amount of deposits;
  • Rs is percentage of RevShare (40%)

There is an example of the kind. A gambler from Russia made 10 deposits of $100 each in a month. The total amount of bets is $1,000, and he won $250. We calculate how much you will earn per gamber this month:

  • $750 is casino revenue;
  • ($1000-$250)*0.15 = $112.5 is commission to the game provider;
  • $1,000*0.15 = $150 is commission of payment systems;
  • ($750 – $112.5 – $150)*0.40 = $195 is your income.

Calculations always occur according to the above example without hidden fees or cuts. 

If you have any inquiries, the manager is always reachable. PIN-UP Partners operates according to standards that have evolved over time, and the method for calculating earnings from year to year is appropriate for thousands of websites.  


PIN-UP products demonstrate positive results in terms of gambler’s LTV, so we are able to supply webmasters with effective strategies for developing creatives that boost the LTV of targeted traffic.

All marketing is conducted using proprietary tools and analytics that enable maximum customization of promotions and advertising to satisfy the gaming preferences of gamblers and bettors.

The product performs excellent retention on all GEOs. Trigger letters, SMS-messages, promotions, tournaments and various promotions and personal bonus offers have an effect on the retention.

All promotions conducted by the product team are tailored to the GEO where the product operates. PIN-UP does not conduct the same promotions in all countries and takes the characteristics of users’ game activity into account. Social media provide topical content on a regular basis and offer intriguing contests and promotions, which promote user interest and product loyalty. 

VIP service and support for high rollers includes unique slot releases, individual bonuses, a 24/7 manager, and much more. 

If customers who made the minimal deposit are excluded from the LTV calculation, PIN-UP outperforms all competitors in its major GEO on equal amounts of the first deposit.

Registration with PIN-UP Partners

To begin working with PIN-UP Partners offers, you must first register: enter your name, email address, phone number, and messenger preference. A manager will then contact you to ask you a few questions and validate your account. 

The account takes 20-30 minutes to be approved. If you registered late at night, the manager will contact you in the morning.

PIN-UP Partners Private Office Overview

Immediately after logging in, the PIN-UP Partners main page appears, where you may view data for the previous day. The site’s news is on the right, and the navigation menu, which allows you to navigate between the categories, is on the left. 

Balance is at the top of the menu; at the bottom, you can see the manager’s contacts and your referral balance, if you engage in the referral program. 


This is a section where you can take ready-made materials for work and get a link for your advertising campaign. 

Promotions are localized in Brazilian, Spanish, Azeri, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian, English, Kazakh, and Hindi. Landing pages, banners of different sizes are available. You can order individual promotions through managers affiliate for various sizes and banners. 


With sources such as Google, Facebook, and TikTok, apps are one of the most important traffic generating technologies. The final conversion depends on how well they are designed and matched to the product. The product logo and name in the title and app description enable to dramatically enhance conversions!

In this section you can connect optimized applications for Android/iOS. They are connected upon request through a personal manager. 

The request is considered within 2-3 hours. 


PIN-UP Partners affiliate program is the most detailed one among any gambling or betting affiliate program. We deliver a degree of clarity and detail that is unwavering and uncompromising.

Three types of the detailed traffic being driven are available in the affiliate program interface:

  • general statistics
  • cohort analysis
  • gambler statistics

In addition, you can make any requests to the product on the details of the game activity. Up to the log on spins and bets.

Let’s consider each section separately:

General statistics

This is a basic traffic evaluation and analytics tool, and the table structure allows you to track characteristics such as date and traffic volume (total and unique, number of registrations and repeat deposits, as well as gaming activity: volume of bets and wins, amounts of deposits and outs, as well as partner income in the context of rates). 

It is possible to group statistics by hours/days/weeks/months/years/total volume.

You can also see any figures in terms of GEO, tariff, flow, or subaccount.

Cohort analysis

This report is meant for a more in-depth look at traffic. It lets you look at statistics by setting the sample period, grouping method, and dates of registration or first deposit, as well as calculate the yield on the desired launch, the source, and any dates.

Also, in addition to basic indicators, cohort analysis allows you to see the number of active gamblers by day (or other specified groupings) and predict returns over the long term.

Gambler statistics

This report is intended for in-depth analysis of data about any gambler involved; the report includes information such as:

– ID to partners and products

– Gambler’s GEO

– Flow and sub-accounts

– Registration date and data on the last entry to the product

– Amounts on the balance sheet and game currency

When viewing a specific gambler, the statistics of playing activities for any given time period can be viewed in detail. There is also information on the most recent bet, the number of deposits, all gaming activity, and the amount of deposits and withdrawals. 

In more detail, information about the current status (active or blocked), date of call center check, date of first entry, date of first spin or bet, information about the payment model, and financial summary are available.


One of the most favorite sections of our partners is where you can order a payment, and also, there is a log of all payments with their status.

All current accounts are listed

Also, there is a section with an archive of exchange rates, which are used to convert gamblers’ financial data and converted to dollars (the currency of the affiliate program).

And the last section in Finance is Bonuses. It displays various transactions of bonus and promotional offers, in which the partner took part.


All work with a partner is built on working chats, which allow communication between PIN-UP Partners’ associated personnel and the webmaster (and people from his team).

In addition to the basic telegram messenger, communication can be conducted through email or tickets in the affiliate program interface.

How to get started with PIN-UP Partners

If you have already registered, then it’s time to start driving traffic. 

If not, then be sure to do it – here is the link

To get a link and get started, you need:

  • go to the Creating a new promo section;
  • choose an offer and a payment model;
  • choose promo (direct link, landings, thematic landings, banners, videos or event landings);
  • specify the promo language and select the type of traffic.

A list of all available promotions will open, you’ll need to select the most suitable one and click Get Link. 

After that, a new window will open where you can edit the promo name, add a subaccount and copy the link with UTM tags. 

All active links are in the My promos section. 

How to get paid

In regards to CPA, the affiliate pays money twice a month after reconciliation of the reporting period (1-15 and 16-30 or 31). If the webmaster does not pass the KPI in the current reporting period, then he is given another 15 days, and only after that, in case of failure, is he transferred to RevShare.

Funds are paid out to bank cards, Qiwi, Yandex.Money, Perfect Money, Interkassa, Skrill, Neteller, Capitalist, BTC, USDT, ZaleyCash and UPI.

Conclusion: Our Opinion on PIN-UP Partners

PIN-UP Partners is the best direct advertiser in the gambling and betting niche, which is ready to buy high-quality traffic to many TOP GEOs without limits and restrictions. 

  • Transparent payment terms and good base CPA rates;
  • Free apps for Android/iOS;
  • A product that shows a good conversion and the best LTV;
  • Ready-made promos for work, the ability to order exclusive promos;
  • Convenient payment methods twice a month and payments on request;
  • Detailed statistics, where you can track each attracted gambler;

Also, PIN-UP Partners has an excellent support team that is ready to help you at any time. According to the reviews of all top partners, the account managers are the most competent on the market and are well aware of all traffic sources, the product and tools of the affiliate program. If you are looking for an affiliate program to earn money from your traffic, we recommend PIN-UP Partners!