PIN-UP Partners is an affiliate program that offers a profitable way for affiliate marketers, media buyers and webmasters to monetize their traffic. It features exclusive offers of the PIN-UP brand with various products and licenses, and accepts traffic from several countries in South and North America, as well as from CIS countries, India, and Bangladesh.

Notably, PIN-UP Partners is highly regarded among webmasters and affiliates, earning rewards such as the KINZA 21’, KINZA 23’, Partnerkin 2023, and SiGMA Awards 2022, in the category of ‘Best Affiliate Program in the Gambling and/or Betting Verticals.’ as well as the ‘Marketing Campaign of the Year’ by SiGMA Balkans, and the ‘Webmaster’s choice’ from Gambling Pro.

In this review, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of the PIN-UP Partners affiliate program, addressing key aspects and answering the crucial question – where to drive traffic?

Advantages of PIN-UP Partners

The PIN-UP Partners affiliate program was launched in 2016 and has since expanded its reach to cover multiple regions, including the CIS, Asia, South and North America, India and Bangladesh. As a direct advertiser of the PIN-UP iGaming products, PIN-UP Partners provides exclusive conditions for its affiliates, making it an attractive choice for profitable traffic monetization.

Here’s an overview of the PIN-UP’s advantages:

  • More than 10 available regions with excellent localization and a full range of payment options and marketing tools that ensure retention and thus provide a high conversion rate. Among the regions: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, India, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Canada, and Bangladesh.
  • In-house developed iGaming products: PIN-UP Bet and PIN-UP Casino.
  • Curacao-licensed brand of PIN-UP.World
  • Availability of local Ukrainian (PIN-UP.UA)  and Kazakh (PIN-UP.KZ) licenses.
  • A single-field registration form for easy player registration and high CR.
  • Low minimum deposit requirement for players.
  • Excellent bonus program for players.
  • Over 10,000 slots and more than 50,000 sports events.
  • Self-owned professional call center and support with offices in six countries.
  • Comprehensive and detailed traffic statistics available to affiliates (cohort analysis, activity breakdown for each player, including game logs and transactions).
  • Transparent Revenue Share formula with no hidden or dynamic Admin/Providers fees.
  • Clear KPIs for traffic:
  1. RD ≥ FD (i.e., the number of repeat deposits (RD) should be greater than or equal to the number of first deposits (FD)).
  2. SumBets ≥ x3 SumDep (i.e., the total bets should be three times greater than the total deposits).
  • Lifetime attribution of conversions, rates are tied to the registration.
  • Different payout models available: CPA, RevShare, RevShare+, and Hybrid.
  • Experienced and motivated account managers with deep understanding of the product,  traffic sources and affiliate tools. Who are constantly improving their skills through internal training and networking with affiliates.
  • Openness and readiness for dialogue, both online and at conferences/meetups.
  • Availability of apps for affiliates to drive traffic to.
  • Loyalty program for affiliates.
  • Option to set up automatic payouts.
  • Option to order landing pages and creatives for driving traffic.
  • Referral program for affiliates.

All these advantages and features allow PIN-UP Partners to offer its affiliates high conversion rates, often at least 1:4 on various traffic sources. As a result, it is considered one of the top choices in the market for converting traffic into revenue, a reputation confirmed by its affiliates.

PIN-UP Partners in Facts and Numbers


The offers provided by PIN-UP Partners are localized and adapted into 11 languages, ensuring a seamless experience for users across various regions. These languages include Azerbaijani, English, Bengali, Spanish, Kazakh, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Uzbek, and Hindi. To maintain quality, all pre-landings, promotions, and creatives undergo testing and verification by native speakers. Additionally, in South America, translations take into account the nuances of Portuguese and Spanish.

The selection of slots and sports events is tailored for each region, allowing players quick access to games and sports events favored in a given geo.

What’s the earnings potential of a single CPA lead in PIN-UP Partners?

CPA is a popular choice for media buyers, webmasters and affiliates collaborating with PIN-UP Partners. The CPA offer can be obtained upon agreement with a personal manager. The payout ranges from $20 to $150 per deposit, depending on the traffic source and the region.

Here are some average CPA rates in PIN-UP Partners:

  • Ukraine — $40-65
  • Kazakhstan — $25-50
  • Azerbaijan — $35-70
  • Brazil — $20-30
  • India — $20-60
  • Turkey — $40-70
  • Peru — $35
  • Chile — $30
  • Mexico – $30
  • Canada – $80-150
  • Uzbekistan – $20-30
  • Bangladesh – $12-20

Please note that these figures represent rate ranges, and the specific rate will be determined with the sales department specialist during the initial (test) campaign. After this test, the traffic will be checked for meeting the KPI, and payment will be processed, which can take approximately 2 weeks after reaching the cap limit.

After the initial test and calculation of traffic ROI, PIN-UP Partners will issue an individual rate at which an affiliate will be paid in the following campaigns.

What’s the earnings potential of a single RevShare lead in PIN-UP Partners?

The Revenue Share provided by PIN-UP Partners is the best in the market. It features transparent calculations without hidden fees or dynamic variables. The RevShare rate remained constant throughout the program’s operation. All RevShare revenues are always paid to affiliates, and they can calculate their earnings using detailed tools available in the affiliate statistics.

RevShare payouts have been made since the launch of the affiliate program, and some affiliates continue to receive commissions from players they referred years ago, thanks to the ‘lifetime’ registration. The calculation of RevShare income is straightforward, following this formula:

Earnings by RS = (SUMbet−SUMwin)×Y−(SUMdep×K))×RSRate

  • SUMbet = total bets
  • SUMwin = total wins
  • SUMdep = total deposits
  • Y — game provider’s commission (10%)
  • K — payment provider’s commission: (15% for UA, 10% for other countries)
  • RSRate = 40%

For example, if a player from Brazil made deposits for a total of $2,000, placed bets totaling $4,000 (which wouldn’t meet KPI requirements), and had total wins of $1,000, the webmaster’s earnings would be calculated as follows:

Revenue Share = ((4000−1000)×0.90−(2000×0.10))×0.40


This example illustrates how the webmaster’s reward is $1,000 USD, following transparent calculations without hidden fees. If you have any questions, a PIN-UP manager is available to provide assistance at any time.

PIN-UP Partners operates under a well-established regiment that has satisfied thousands of webmasters, and its calculation formula ensures transparency and reliability.

What’s the earnings potential of a single lead in the Hybrid Model?

The Hybrid model involves a negotiable approach to traffic payment, so this case-by-case basis makes it challenging to precisely calculate the income from a single lead.

However, once you’ve registered, you can always reach out to your personal manager to discuss the specific terms of the Hybrid model.


In order to enhance the Lifetime Value (LTV) of players using PIN-UP products, several retention strategies are employed:

  • Promos;
  • Tournaments;
  • Trigger emails;
  • SMS campaigns;
  • Bonuses and special offers;
  • Calls from the call center;
  • Push notifications from the apps.

Additionally, the products maintain a presence on social media where relevant content is regularly posted. This content helps sustain player interest and encourages their return. From online media advertising to banners and other forms of outdoor advertising, PIN-UP ensures that its brand is well-promoted, positively impacting conversion rates.

All promotional activities are adapted to the specific regions in which the product operates. PIN-UP does not run the same promotions in all countries and considers the unique gaming preferences of players. For instance, during the Brazilian Serie A, players registered on the betting platform may receive offers related to their favorite team. On St. Patrick’s Day, social media might suggest trying luck in Leprechaun-themed slots. Marketing is facilitated through proprietary tools and analytics, allowing for personalized promotions and advertisements that cater to the gaming preferences of gamblers and bettors.

For high rollers, there’s a VIP service and support system that includes exclusive slot releases, individual bonuses, access to a 24/7 manager, and more.

Webmasters are provided with effective creative angles and approaches to create high-converting creatives. Different regions may have their preferences, and PIN-UP takes this into account. For example, to attract players from Brazil, an exclusive game similar to the famous Jogo do Bicho lottery was added to the product. Specialized pre-landings are created for specific advertising funnels and can be designed for each major sports event, whether it’s a local championship like the Indian IPL or a global event like the Champions League final. All these efforts contribute to the development of effective advertising campaigns for attracting new players and retaining existing ones.

Signing up at PIN-UP Partners

To start working with PIN-UP Partners, you’ll need to register. The registration process involves submitting your name, email address, phone number, and specifying a messenger for communication. After completing the registration, a manager will contact you, ask a few questions, and confirm your account.

The account confirmation typically takes around 20-30 minutes. If you register during the night, the manager handling registrations will reach out to you in the morning. It’s worth noting that support is available 24/7 for any assistance you might need.

Overview of the personal account at PIN-UP Partners

Upon logging in, the main page of your PIN-UP Partners personal account will be displayed. This page provides statistics for the last 24 hours. On the right side, you’ll find platform news updates, and on the left, there’s a menu that allows you to navigate through different sections.

At the top of the menu, you’ll see your account balance, and at the bottom, you can find your manager’s contact details and your referral balance. Additionally, the main page of the personal account features a graph showing your earnings for the last period.


The Promo section is one of the most important areas where your traffic-driving journey often begins. Here, you can access promotional materials for your work and acquire links for advertising campaigns. By default, offers are available by RevShare model, but after talking to your manager, you can negotiate a CPA rate.

With just a few clicks, you can choose the layout of your funnel and select a promo that suits your traffic source.

The promos are localized for various languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Azerbaijani, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, English, Kazakh, Bengali, and Hindi. Available promotional materials consist of landings, banners of various sizes, and you can even request custom promos through your manager.

Once you’ve selected a promo and specified the type of traffic, you’ll receive a link to direct traffic to. Before launching your campaign, it’s advisable to discuss all the details with your personal manager to ensure a successful campaign.


Applications are essential tools for driving traffic from sources like Google UAC, Facebook, and TikTok. The conversion rate relies on the quality of adaptation and the design of the app. Applications provided by PIN-UP Partners are designed to be visually appealing and effective in boosting conversion rates.

Including the product logo and name in the title and description of the application can significantly increase conversion rates.

PIN-UP Partners offers optimized Android applications for its affiliates, which can be accessed upon request through a personal manager.


The statistics provided by the PIN-UP Partners affiliate program stand out as the most comprehensive compared to competitors. Within the affiliate interface, you’ll find four types of detailed traffic statistics:

  • General statistics
  • Cohort analysis
  • Statistics by players
  • Statistics by promo
  • Statistics by referrals

Furthermore, you can also request in-depth analysis of gaming activity, as deep as detailed logs of spins and bets of any referred player.

Let’s take a closer look at each section:

General statistics

This is the fundamental tool for evaluating and analyzing traffic. Presented in a table format, it allows you to track various parameters, including date, traffic volume (both total and unique), the number of registrations and repeat deposits, as well as gaming activity metrics like the volume of bets and wins, deposit and withdrawal amounts, and affiliate income, categorized by rates.

You can also group data by time periods and view additional data by the region, rate, stream, and subID.

Cohort analysis

This report is designed for a deeper traffic analysis. It enables you to view statistics by specifying the sampling period, grouping method, and criteria such as registration dates or first deposits. This helps calculate profitability for specific launches or traffic sources on any given date.

In addition to basic indicators, cohort analysis allows you to see the number of active players over time and forecast profitability over the long-term run.

Statistics by players

This report is tailored for in-depth analysis of data for each attracted player. It provides information such as:

  • Affiliate and product ID;
  • Player’s region;
  • Streams and subIDs;
  • Registration date and data on the last login;
  • Balance amounts and its currency.

For specific players, you can view comprehensive gambling activity statistics for the selected period, including data on the last bet, number of deposits, gaming activity, and deposit and withdrawal amounts.

Additionally, you can access information about the player’s current status (active or blocked), date of call center verification, date of first login, date of the first spin or bet, payment model, and summary financial indicators.

Statistics by promo

This section offers a thorough analysis of promo effectiveness. It includes details on:

  • Which landing page is used in a particular campaign;
  • Number of visitors on a specific landing page;
  • Number of registrations and deposits.

This information helps partners assess the performance of their promos and track changes in effectiveness over time, enabling them to optimize campaigns and choose the most converting creatives and funnels.

Statistics by referrals

This section focuses on tracking income generated from referrals brought in by the affiliate.

According to the referral program terms, affiliates receive 3% from the referred affiliate. Payments are made under the CPA model after traffic passes specific checks (KPI1, KPI2, and fraud checks), and under the RS model after payment to the referral.


This section is where you can request payouts and review a log of all payments with their respective statuses. It serves as the primary hub for conducting financial operations with PIN-UP Partners.


Interaction with affiliates primarily occurs through working chats. These chats facilitate communication between PIN-UP Partners staff and affiliates and teams.

Besides basic communication platforms like Telegram or Skype, you can also engage in communication through email or tickets within the affiliate program interface.

How to start working with PIN-UP Partners

To begin your collaboration with PIN-UP Partners, you need to register (as described previously). If you are already done, it’s time to start driving traffic. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to the “Promo” section and click on “Create a new promo.”

  • Choose an offer and the payment model that suits your preferences (RS by default – others by request).
  • Select the type of promo you want to use. You have options such as direct links, various types of landings (including thematic landings), banners, videos, or event-specific landings.

  • Specify the language of the promo, choose a specific pre-landing or a creative, and indicate your traffic source.

After making these selections, click “Get link.” You’ll also need to set up SubID to correctly configure the tracking of conversions and parameters. Your personal manager will be available to assist you with this step.

All the active links you’ve generated can be found in the “My Promo” section of your personal account.

However, getting the link is just the initial step in working with PIN-UP Partners. Before launching traffic, it’s advisable to contact your personal manager to learn about the conditions for the initial test related to driving traffic.

How are affiliates getting paid?

Under the CPA model, the affiliate program makes payments twice a month, typically after reconciling the reporting period (usually the 1st-15th and the 16th-30th or 31st of the month). If a webmaster does not meet the agreed-upon KPIs during the current reporting period, they are given an additional 15 days to improve their performance. Only after this extended period, if the KPIs are still not met, the traffic is switched to the RevShare model, and payment is calculated according to the formula described above.

For Revenue Share payments, you can request them any day, and they will typically be processed within 3 working days. RS+ payments can be requested once a month.

More detailed information about payment conditions can be found in the user agreement.

After reaching the minimal payout threshold of 50 USD funds can be paid out using various methods, including bank cards (Visa, MasterCard), Interkassa, Skrill, Neteller, BTC (Bitcoin), USDT (Tether), ZaleyCash, UPI, Paypal, and Wire transfer.


PIN-UP Partners is a prominent affiliate program in the gambling and betting verticals. It’s eager to acquire high-quality traffic from various global locations, without any limitations or restrictions. PIN-UP Partners’ commitment to its partners includes:

  • Transparent payment terms and competitive CPA rates.
  • Complimentary tools for driving traffic.
  • A product known for its exceptional conversion rates and impressive customer lifetime value (LTV), achieved through meticulous funnel optimization and the dedicated efforts of the retention department.
  • Pre-made promotional materials and the option to request exclusive promotions.
  • Convenient bi-monthly payment methods, with the flexibility to request payouts.
  • Comprehensive statistics allowing you to track each player you attract.

Furthermore, there’s outstanding support available round the clock. As per affiliates feedback, account managers at PIN-UP Partners are highly knowledgeable in the industry and well-versed in all aspects of traffic sources, the product, and affiliate program tools. They are always eager to connect at major industry events worldwide.

PIN-UP Partners – turn your traffic into $$$!