The more articles we publish on mVas, the more we get asked about how landings/pre-landings work, how to find creatives, how to build a funnel that will actually work. So today we decided to research spy tools and look for real funnels that publishers use. So that everyone can see => customize => use.

P.S. We’ll link promo codes at the end of the article. If you’re on a tight budget, you can use spypush.

P.S.S. All pre-landing pages will be in the archive, might be useful. Warning: lots of explicit content.


We don’t guarantee that all the examples below will return all your traffic investments. The simple purpose here is to show you what approaches there are. But building a working funnel offer + creative + pre-landing page + landing page should be done by you when you test it. By the way, our managers can always hint you on what will never convert and why you shouldn’t spend your money on it.

Instead of putting lots of screenshots here we decided to do screen recording – we believe it is more informative and helpful along the way.

So, buckle up and let’s get started.

Hot girls nearby – the main niche in mVas

Standard push notification with a hot girl and a good pre-landing page:

  1. A person gets a push notification: “I can chat now/Will be online for 5 more minutes’. 
  2. The user clicks and goes to the pre-landing page where they need to choose three times a girl they like. Meanwhile, they also ask permission to send notifications. 
  3. At the end of the pre-landing page there will be a message: “Be ready to have some good time. Enjoy the photos”. 
  4. The user clicks on the button, goes to a landing page with more adult content and a request to send an SMS to a short phone number. A text where a user consents to paying for subscription is always present. After a subscription is paid, media buyers can get their profit.

There is also this push ad for the pre-landing page: 

The author of this approach also does split tests with this pre-landing page: 

The lamest way to get a subscription 

In the example above the author did a great job: found high quality pre-landing pages, thought out the funnel for the target audience. There are other ways to get a subscription though that are still working many years later. And here is an example:

  1. A user received a push notification where the first line is a phone number and the second – a sort of voice message from available symbols (you can check it in the video).
  2. The user thinks that there is a voice message for him from a ‘шоколадки’ (‘brownie’ – as a nickname). Then they click on it, go to a pre-landing page with an option to download the message and this info: 

“Wenn das Video nicht automatisch startet, befolgen Sie diese Schritte:

Schritt 1: Klicken Sie auf OK, um den

Ladevorgang abzuschließen

șhrtei seben &le nre leleęnnummer

Schritt 3: Sie erhalten eine SMS mit einem


Step 4: Enter the secret code”

Here is a translation: 

“If the video is not loading automatically, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Press OK to finish the downloading process 

řhrtei seben & le nre leleęnnummer

Step 2: You’ll get an SMS with a secret code 

Step 4: Put the secret code here”

3. Since the loading never ends and the user wants to hear the voice message anyway, they press OK, give their phone number, get an SMS and puts the code from SMS. As soon as the subscription is active, affiliates get their profit.

Prove you’re human

One more way to subscribe to something is a captcha. It’s ‘legit’! A user clicks on a push notification, gets a text that something went wrong and reads the following text:

Kako to popraviti:

Korak 1: Kliknite na dugme “Nastavi”.

‍Korak 2: Pošaljite sigurnu tekstualnu poruku da dokažete da niste robot.


How to fix this:

Step 1: Press on ‘Next’.

‍Step 2: Send a secure text to show you’re not a robot.

The user clicks on it, sees the captcha where he needs to choose cats, then gives their phone number and clicks on the confirmation button. Then the subscription is either confirmed or the user needs to send an SMS (depending on the offer’s flow). 

99 korunas for a subscription

Super easy straightforward funnel: a push ad with a cute girl, click and a landing with this message:

‘Personal messages are available only for 18+ users. To get access, send a text to this phone number’

Lower on the page you’ll see a gap to fill with the code and below there is a text (small, but still visible) that if you press on ‘Next’ you’re subscribing to the service for 99 korunas (intended for the Czech Republic). And that’s it.

All roads lead to GTA

While we were researching spy tools, we came across lots of different campaigns with girls on push ads, but the landing itself had nothing to do with adult or dating. Here is a similar case in mobile subscriptions:


Once again, there is a girl on a push notification. She is also present on the pre-landing page. The landing page calls on to buy a subscription to TOP 20 games. As usual, to get access a user needs to put his/her phone number and press on ‘Continue with subscription’. 


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