One of the most desired consumables for Google Ads is accounts. Affiliate profiles are often blocked by the advertising network. To avoid that, it’s a good idea to secure a trusted source of fresh accounts beforehand.

There are many ways of getting new accounts. The most popular ones, however, are farming and purchasing from sellers.

Today, we will find out which one of these two approaches is more effective! As we compare farming and account stores, we will analyse their pros and cons. In this way we will be able to decide which is the most convenient source of trusted profiles for Google Ads.

Here we go!


Farming is the manual registration and warming up of accounts. 

This is a time-consuming process where the webmaster buys consumables and preps the accounts himself. Generally, farming takes a couple of weeks. Also, despite it being basically free, it does require some capital. 

Overall, the farming algorithm is as follows:

  • Preparation. To register an account you need to pay for a proxy, an antidetect browser, an email or phone number in the selected geo. Likewise, you will need payment details;
  • Set up. Set up your antidetect browser and connect your proxy. If everything runs smoothly you can go ahead and create an account;
  • Cookies. For every account you need to accumulate a database of around 200-300 cookies. Don’t rush in, though. It’s best you stretch the process into 2-3 days;
  • Activity. The account will have to show some activity. To do that visit local websites and interact with them. You can use Google or Google News to find websites;
  • Google services. Every now and then take a look at Google Calendar  and Google Drive. Use the account to create new documents and notes. This will increase the account’s trust;
  • White launches. To warm up an account you can launch white website promotion. This is one way to increase trust. Look for platforms that arouse interest in the selected geo’s audience and launch ads at appx $50.


Let’s take a look at the pros of farming!

Well here they are:

  • Relatively free. Despite the attributable costs, the webmaster doesn’t spend a cent on the purchase of the account;
  • Total control. What really determines the farming quality and the account trust are the webmaster and the effort he’s willing to make;
  • Protection from scammers. The chances of being scammed decrease drastically when you farm accounts yourself. Now the only place you can get scammed is during the purchase of farming consumables.


A couple of cons though:

  • Expenses. You will have to empty your pocket on proxies, antidetect browsers, payment details, emails or SIM cards. You will also need capital for launching white offers in order to warm up the payment docs;
  • Time. Farming usually takes 2-3 weeks. There’s no way to make it quicker;
  • Workload. The whole process is in need of constant supervision. It’s unlikely for prepped accounts to be produced en masse;
  • No one-size-fits-all. The aforementioned algorithm is but an approximate one. There is no universal method of farming, at the same time, platform T&Cs are changing all the time.

If the cons seem vital, why not take a look at the other option! 

Let’s move on to buying from sellers!


Purchasing an account is simpler and more convenient than farming them manually.

In this case, the affiliate has no prep work to do. All that needs to be done to access the accounts is to find a quality store and pay for the profiles. 

Here’s what to keep in mind when picking a seller:

  • Availability. Make sure the selected store actually has profitable accounts available, otherwise you risk being left without accounts that bring in money;
  • Reviews and recommendations. Work with stores that are recommended by colleagues or well-known editions in affiliate marketing. This will protect you from scammers. 

For example, we can recommend  PGA – you definitely won’t be scammed in this store

  • Account quality. Make sure the seller provides trusted accounts. Rather add more accounts at a later stage, than blowing your budget on useless consumables;
  • Account types. The vast selection gives you the opportunity to find accounts at the right price. For example, in the PGA store you can find accounts that have been warmed up by legit companies, as well as profiles with minimal warm-up and post-ban advertising personal accounts.


Let’s take a look at the benefits of working with stores:

  • Trusted accounts. Sellers are professionals when it comes to prepping and searching for accounts. The chances of getting a poor-quality profile are much lower, as opposed to manual farming;
  • Cost savings. Additional farming expenses could work out to be higher than the store price;
  • Time. Buying profiles in a store will save a lot more time than making them yourself. Especially when you need them urgently;
  • Simplicity. There is no need to break a sweat or to learn special skills to purchase a profile;
  • Favourable terms for teams. The PGA store, for example, is ready to provide 1-2 arbitration teams with accounts on favourable terms right now.


Despite being so convenient, there are disadvantages:

  • Searching. In order to buy accounts you need to find a decent dealer. This can take some time;
  • Scammers. Scammers often disguise themselves as stores. Be sure to consult your colleagues and check the reviews before buying.

Summing up

It’s all up to you whether to buy accounts or create them yourself. Either way, both methods can be a source of trusted accounts for the webmaster.

Farming – the choice of the webmaster who prefers to control all aspects of the bundle, and save a buck. At first glance farming may seem cheap and simple, but be aware of the necessary capital for the consumables and time to prep the accounts.

Buying accounts from sellers – a more convenient option that saves the webmaster money and time. If you were able to find a quality store, you can forget about filtering for trusted accounts, since the seller is taking the workload.

Well, if you are indeed in search of a trusted seller, consider the PGA account store. You can always find trusted warmed-up Google Ads accounts  with payment details excluding VAT.

Hopefully, you found this article useful.

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