Hi everyone!

Let us introduce you to the most interesting Webvork offer that helps take care of the beauty and health of people’s hair – MaxiGrow. It is useful for both women and men.

The problem of hair loss, dandruff, split ends, and our hair’s aesthetic appearance in general worries both men and women. There are many factors that negatively affect the condition of the hair and scalp. This includes never-ending stress, poor nutrition, which lacks certain vitamins and minerals, regular use of hair dryers or drying cosmetics, etc. Even if some negative factors cannot disappear completely or simply reduce their impact, the hair can still be well revived with the MaxiGrow mask.

The audience of the offer does not only include both sexes (which already significantly increases the potential profit), but it’s also year-round: people having problems with hair growth and its quality has little to do with the season.

What is this offer?

The MaxiGrow offe4 is a cream mask that moisturizes and nourishes the scalp, strengthens hair, and fights dandruff. The special “auto-balance” formula also strengthens the hair’s weak spots.

The MaxiGrow cream mask is applied on damp hair, after washing it with any shampoo. It’s supposed to be applied to the hair and scalp for 4-5 minutes and rinsed off after.

The ingredients of the mask are 3/4 natural: there are 3 natural ingredients and one pharmacological:

1. Wheat berry oil. Strengthens the roots, relieves inflammation of the scalp, provides prevention of hair breakage;

2. Jojoba oil. Nourishes and moisturizes hair, improves blood circulation of the scalp, stimulating hair growth;

3. Avocado oil. Nourishes hair follicles, smoothens hair, and enhances its shine;

4. Panthenol. Accelerates hair growth, strengthens the volume of each hair, prevents dandruff, and fights against dehydration.

Some information for publishers

1. GEO – Spain, Italy

We don’t offer delivery to Spanish Balearic and the Canary Islands, as well as Melilla and Ceuta cities. In Portugal, we don’t deliver to the Azores and Madeira.

2. Age gap – 35+ (though find relevant statistics in your Webvork account).

3. Traffic – any kind of traffic that is not forbidden in our affiliate network.

4. Forbidden approaches – motivated traffic, publishing creatives with knowingly false information, any sort of spam.

And now, let’s look at those creatives!

1st creative

The MaxiGrow product is designed for both women and men but since alopecia is a predominantly male problem, our creatives aim more at the male audience. The message here is clear: losing thick hair begins with small steps – from a small spot at the crown of the head. And if the remaining hairs and the problematic area are looked after with a unique remedy, then hair like Jared Leto’s can be your reality. We see a watering can, drops, and sprouts on a bald spot – these hint to the target audience that it is only necessary to nourish the spot that has lost hair, and everything will go as it should.

The caption in Spanish says “Get rid of alopecia in two weeks.” Sounds encouraging.

2nd creative

The targeted problem in this creative is even clearer. The celebrity in the collage on the left is Dwayne Johnson who has been shining with his bald head for at least 15 years. This is a direct hint that MaxiGrow will bless the skin of those who have long gone radically bald with a full head of hair.

The picture below illustrates the most common type of alopecia among men when the hair forms a “horseshoe”. This sketch also shows this half-bald head as explicitly as possible, and again, together with the watering can, metaphorical sprouts on the head, and a celebrity with thick hair, the creative hints at hair loss. The message here is simple, “Even if your hair is only left near the ears and on the back of the head, do not lose hope. Treat your scalp with our remedy and you will soon see the result.”

The caption in Spanish is the same – “Get rid of alopecia in two weeks.”

3rd creative

This image shows real stress and anxiety; this man’s hopes of fulfilling a dream of having a full head of hair reached their peak. In the picture, there is a man on the right that’s almost driven to madness by alopecia (and obviously, this problem is a clear roadblock for him – he really wants to get his former hairstyle back). On the left, as on the second creative we saw, we see a classic bald man, known to the whole world – Jason Statham. The collage hints that after applying MaxiGrow, even Statham would have new hair. It’s a whole nother question if he’d even like to grow it.

The caption in Spanish says “Get rid of alopecia in two weeks.”


The video creative focuses on women’s issues and consists of 5 shots. Let’s talk about them:

1. Here, we see a young woman looking unhappy gazing at a strand of her hair. The caption in Spanish says “Do you have problems with your hair?”

2. Next, we can see women’s hair already being nourished with a cream mask by a caring hair specialist in a beauty salon. The caption then says “We have a solution”

3. The third slide shows us beautiful curls being dried by that hairdresser. The caption says “Why Use Maxi Grow”?

• natural ingredients

• powerful self-balancing formula

• suitable for all hair types

4. The fourth slide has a blonde with thick and silky hair. This visual is provided with this caption: “The result will surprise you”

5. The final is a Call-To-Action slide on a nice pink background that calls viewers: “Try MaxiGrow now”

And now, we will look at the creatives that other affiliates use.

For example, let’s take a transit page for MaxiGrow in Spain

1st creative

It’s a family-centered approach. We can see a happy middle-aged couple. A husband with chic-styled hair looks younger than his years due to his beautiful hair, obviously, he doesn’t have insecurities and isn’t too shy to have his picture taken. The wife is proud to be next to such a spectacular, wise, experienced man.

The creative title is a simple SEO text: “What is MaxiGrow hair mask? Any feedback or comments from customers?”.

2nd creative

Here, our colleagues want to play on the anxiety of bald men and, at the same time, show the result as Before-and-After shots. The caption here lists the advantages of the cream mask:

• Reduces hair loss and prevents it;

• Demonstrates fast and reliable results;

• 100% natural ingredients;

• Easy to use, no side effects.

3rd creative

It’s a good old medical approach. We see a photo of an intelligent-looking elderly doctor in the office with this MaxiGrow packaging. The title before the creative is a usual SEO text: “MaxiGrow – Price in Spain? How to buy a quick and easy hair mask? Is it available in pharmacies?”


Cream-mask for baldness and problematic hair is a great product for a huge segment of potential buyers of both sexes; so we’re talking about a nice profit. If you want to see it for yourself, then open your ad account and set up your traffic flow, which will bring you that money!