Hi there, ADLEADPRO here. And today we’re bringing you an article about the life and organization of media buying teams (meaning, our team). That might be useful to anyone wondering about how to build ecosystems in affiliate marketing.

And today we’ll be talking about how to provide for the constant need of new countless accounts.Why it’s not as easy as it seems

If you think that farming accounts is about getting underpaid students (like paying them peanuts + some small KPI) follow some of your standardized instructions and have your accounts ready once a week, you’re sorely mistaken. Here are some problems we’ve discovered along the way:

  • Lousy discipline. As our company is set on working remotely, we never planned any office for a farming team. Media buyers usually have a clear motivation system and account farmers usually have KPI to encourage everyone to perform better. And while a media buyer does care about keeping his/her position on the team (it’s not that easy to become a part of the team unless you have some leverage), but employees for lower skilled labor (we mean, farmers) are easy to come by.
  • Attempts to cheat the system. It’s no secret that farming is quite a strict process where every step is crucial to success. If a farmer shirks their work, accounts might get banned 15 minutes after the launch. Then you look through the activity log and see that almost 50% of necessary actions were not taken. Obviously, nobody is going to pay back the expenses and the farmer just disappears into thin air.
  • Training time. It obviously takes time to teach an absolutely clueless person about how to use anti-detect browsers, proxy services and navigate Facebook interface. You spend time and effort waiting for the person to get a grip, but end up with the first two points from the above.

The cost of in-house farming

To make it easier, we’ll be relying on our current prices and volumes. Now a team produces around 300 well-farmed accounts (we call them KINGs) a month and lots of auto-registrations. The number could have been bigger if we worked with gambling, but we don’t. 

The price of accounts is the sum of:

  • SIM-cards – $150-200 for the volumes that we need. The price may vary, but it’s usually in this range;
  • Proxy – $300;
  • Anti-detect – for six months + promo code + using referrals = $400;
  • Salaries. The team consists of a team lead and six farmers. We won’t give you the salary amount and KPIs for each of them, but let’s say the whole team costs us around $4,000.

All in all, we get $5,000 (here we add some occasional test purchases from our competitors). If you’re interested in the production cost of an account, it will be somewhere around $18 excluding defect accounts (though, prices vary from month to month).

And, for self-registrations we have an automated program. With the proxy server, monthly subscription, SMS activation and salary of the person responsible for this, we get them for $0.7. 

This is where you can get a good self-registration service/harvester:

Now you probably have a good question – why would someone need this, if any good account costs up to $10 in any account shop? It is true, but we know that our accounts live 2 to 3 times longer, easier to get out of bans and in the long run we mostly win financially. In addition, we don’t have to look desperately for accounts when our buyers have none. And we also have some perks, like Fan Pages of the new type and BMs.

This is also an automatization service we’ve tried which might turn out even better if developers keep enhancing it:

A standard farming process (newbie-friendly)

We know that there will be some newbies reading this article, so here is a quick overview on what a usual farming process looks like (spoiler: it’s a whole journey).

Day 1:

  1. Create a profile in an anti-detect browser. Add a mobile proxy there.
  2. Go to different websites, google things (we need to have cookies). We need at least 20 websites (from a list we’ve compiled before). 
  3. Go to Facebook and register.
  4. Add an email address and a phone number.
  5. Delete info about the number and get 2FA (2-factor authentication).
  6. Add more info that Facebook requires, a profile picture, some bio info and several photos.
  7. Scroll Facebook for 5 minutes and then close it.

Day 2: 

  1. Go to Facebook, go through some pages.
  2. Add your first post on the page (with already prepared photos, posts etc.)
  3. Join some FB groups (based on the interests you chose for the account).
  4. Go through the groups, like and comment on some posts (not many).
  5. Add some friends.

Day 3:

  1. Repost 1-2 posts from the groups you joined yesterday.
  2. Search for some videos on a random topic, watch them and don’t forget to like them.
  3. Add some more friends. If they text you, try to keep the conversation going.
  4. At the same time register on some other websites (from our list) using our Facebook account.

Day 4:

  1. Create a Fan Page (FP topics depend on what a buyer needs) and set it up completely. During the whole farming process don’t forget to write posts, like comments on your page (this will help in keeping the account going longer). Now we also change the category to New Type Fan Page.
  2. We also make reposts to our FP from some relevant groups.
  3. Continue farming the account – scroll through your feed, like something, repost, comment. At the same time don’t forget to go to other websites, not just FB.

Day 5: 

  1. Add a new post to your account and then repost it to your FP.
  2. You should have dozens of friend requests by now. Accept them and invite them to join your FP.
  3. Find some in-house games, play them a little.
  4. Don’t forget to be active in your feed, groups, and chats with friends.
  5. Send 5 more requests to people from the same town as your account.

Day 6:

  1. Link your Fan Page to an Instagram account (create it with your new FB account)
  2. Continue posting on your FP.
  3. Keep being active in groups and chats.
  4. Create a BM.
  5. Add new friends.

Keep doing all of the steps for 10 days, then up till day 20 log into your account and be active at least once every other day. Day 21 is for giving the accounts to the media buyer, warm it up with a small launch for a few dollars, complete the setup and start ad campaigns for your offers.

Creating your own account shop

You must have noticed that we never put any link to our own shop. This is because we’ve decided to expand our team and make it work specifically for our internal purposes. But we did have some experience, so here it is.

There are many great tech solutions online (that’s why some shops might look the same) For example,  LequeShop:

If you know other services and are ready to recommend them, leave comments in the section below.

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