Offer: Webcam sites

Traffic source: ClickAdilla

Ad Format: Popunder


Period: 04.07.2022 – 18.07.2022

Costs: $928

Revenue: $2672

ROI: 187%

Our trusted client shared this case study with us. He has been working in affiliate marketing for several years and he decided to share some profitable ways to earn money from ad campaigns. In this article you will know how to get a great passive income easily with advertising webcam, why is this vertical so gainful for affiliate marketers and why everyone can earn good money there.

Webcam industry is highly popular these days. In the era of technologies and the Internet, this type of adult entertainment has gained great success among users all over the world. Cam girls make online shows attracting millions of people to webcam platforms and bring billions of dollars to the business. But not only models and business owners earn money there: affiliate marketers take their cut as well.

Most of the webcam sites have their referral program. Each model receives a special link, which she can promote to get a rev share percentage. But advertisers can become referral partners as well and get money from advertising certain websites or certain models’ pages. The best thing is that becoming a referral partner is absolutely free, so everyone can get their profit from it.

Another advantage of webcam affiliate programs is that you don’t have to make any creatives for your campaigns. Most of the ads run in popunder format – you just upload the referral link in the creatives section when composing your campaign and that’s it: your creative is just a popunder with the referred website.

There is no need for deep knowledge and long experience in affiliate marketing to advertise webcam – the campaign settings are very simple and wide, the vertical is extremely popular and converting, so it suits almost everyone.

How to advertise webcam websites

To be successful in advertising cam live-stream shows, you need a lot of adult traffic. ClickAdilla is known for its huge amounts of everyday traffic and special quality of premium adult websites traffic sources. The network has an impressive list of websites under 115th rank. It guarantees a huge amount of best quality adult traffic.

One most suitable ad format to promote webcam affiliate offers is a popunder. If you choose to advertise referral links, popunder is the best choice. Popunder is the most popular ad format in ClickAdilla, which stably brings conversions to the users due to its high visibility and wide reach.

Specially for webcam offers ClickAdilla created a Webcam category filter: you can choose it while creating your campaign:

The best way of advertising webcam websites and models is to participate in several referral programs and promote several links. Our client works with different platforms and uses Smart-links with rotation to advertise them. Another thing is – to create multiple campaigns for different GEOs. That’s how you will test your campaign and find the most profitable countries.

In this case study we will describe one of his campaigns in details, because all the other ones are very similar – the only difference is in GEOs. We should mention that the client targets mostly only Tier-1 countries.

Ad Format

Our client has chosen popunder for his campaigns. As we mentioned above, the best way to promote webcam referral links is to use a popunder.

The price

For the beginning the marketer had chosen the price recommended by the Pricebox, but after some tests he decided to stop at $1,6 CPM, as he needed a bigger amount of traffic and his GEO was a Tier-1 country, which traditionally has more expensive traffic.


The marketer was targeting the USA. For the Device Type he chose Mobile Only, as in the USA the mobile traffic is higher, than the desktop one. It is important to consider that in some countries people use more desktops than mobile phones to surf the Internet. For example, in Germany, desktop devices are more popular.

For IP2 Location Type the client has chosen the most profitable categories for webcam vertical as Fixed ISP, Mobile ISP, Fixed/Mobile ISP. He also decided to test other locations as Governmental, Organisation, Military, Education and Library. It didn’t hinder his conversions, but for the adult and entertainment verticals we recommend Commercial, Fixed ISP and Mobile ISP.

The marketer has set up a white list of ClickAdilla premium websites – all of them, as they showed the best results in impressions and conversions. He has put the adult category for his traffic, as he needed to promote adult websites.

One of his winning strategy features was to set up unique users – the visitor could see his ad only 1 time in 1440 minutes.

He chose no limits except money. As he wanted a huge amount of traffic, he decided to put minimum limits – that helped him to gain more views and more conversions as well.


There were no creatives for this campaign, as the popunder format requires no creatives – the referred website just opens up when the user clicks. We prepared examples of websites that come up as creative for popunder.

Impressions graphic

On the screenshot below you can see the graphic of impressions in the ad campaign. It is obvious that he received his impressions stably in the required quantity.

The conversions for the campaign were sign ups – the marketer received $1 for 1 sign up from Tier-1 countries, and the USA is one of them. We can only guess how much he makes additionally by the revshare percentage. He earns around 20% of all members’ expenses, which were registered via his referral link. This is his constant passive income, and it has no limits, as the affiliate can get an unlimited amount of money.

In the table below you can see impressions and conversions, for which the marketer was paid. For two weeks of running this campaign he has spent $928 and earned $2672. This is only one of his multiple campaigns as he targets different Tier-1 countries.

The total number of impressions is 580 070, which is a really good result, as the conversion rate is great. Clicks are zeros, because in popunder format there are no clicks – the website appears itself.

We showed you one of the campaigns in webcam affiliate programs, which brought a highly profitable result for the marketer. As you can see there is nothing complicated to start such a campaign: all the referral programs are free, there is no need to know how to make catchy creatives as the top webcam platforms are already catchy themselves.

The webcam industry is only growing, more and more people visit the websites, register and spend a significant amount of money there. The traffic is getting even higher due to the pandemic and growing number of remote workers.

ClickAdilla is a perfect choice for dating and webcam offers. It has an impressive mass of adult traffic with premium and highly converting websites. And the lower price of traffic allows advertisers with different budget sizes to run their campaigns and get incredible results.

Don’t miss your profit, advertise in ClickAdilla!