First rule of Gaming Vertical: People will always bet.

Betting is one of the affiliate marketing verticals that stays up and running no matter what. Excitement and the desire to make a profit still attract many players to bet on sports.

So, why to advertise Cricket? – Because it is the second Sports in terms of the number of fans. Cricket has even more fans than basketball, leaving hockey and tennis far behind.

For ordinary people, betting begins and ends with bets on sporting events: football matches, major fights, Olympic results. In fact, the betting vertical is much wider: it includes eSports betting.

Sports and eSports statistics in 2022:

Features of GEOs

For Tier 3-4 countries, it is important to pay attention to available payment methods. While in Tier 1 everything can be paid with cards, in Tier 3-4 the situation differs. If the offer has all local payment methods, then you are on the right way.

Take several offers for testing at once. Do A/B/C tests of three or more offers to determine the best one. Otherwise, you can spend the entire budget trying to optimize a not very successful offer.

Target audience

The usual portrait of a betting player: a middle-aged man from 25 to 45 with a stable average income. Don’t forget about another branch of betting – esports. They are addicted to young people from 20 and above. Moreover, the upper threshold can be quite high: adult men over 40 can play and bet. Therefore, when planning your advertising campaign, focus on middle-aged men.

Don’t try to guess what your client looks like. The easiest way to analyze the target audience is to get a portrait of the depositor from the offer owner. It is not just the people who register, but the depositors.

Betting advertising campaign

The WIN strategy is to use push ad format. Push campaigns for betting are now made according to several scenarios. This allows you to receive betting traffic for various sporting events.

Betting push campaigns can be divided into event-based (tied to a major match) and regular ones, which serve to generate new players for bookmakers.

Examples of push notifications for betting

1. WOW push

Such a push is designed to surprise the user, to awaken inner greed. Well suited for those who want to lure beginners and those who have played a little on the stakes. A WOW push might lead to a pre-lander with a success story, a pseudo-news story about how someone won a large amount of money from this broker.

2. Event push

Such push notifications are created for certain events of the sports calendar (also known as event betting). Push will work well if you use familiar brand elements such as logos. Place team players or club emblems on a large push image. These are the most effective creatives. An event push should lead to a page of a specific match on the side of the broker without pre-landers.

3. General bonus push

The essence of this push is to promote a specific brand/operator with the help of involving creatives. The average player is registered at more than 5 brands, as he is always looking for better conditions/promos/bonuses, etc. This kind of advertising will definitely attract them. The general bonus push should lead to a large beautiful landing page with bonuses, and then to registration. Pre-landers and landings should form one logical funnel, and the logic of the funnel should be traced very well.

💡 If you find good creatives in spy tools, don’t copy them! Take an idea and adapt it to your case.

I need offers!

Except for the betting websites with affiliate programs which you may find by yourself  e have prepared for you a set of best cricket affiliate programs in 2022:

● MelBet Cricket Affiliate Program;

● fuboTV Partner Program;

● Affiliate Program;

● ESPN+ Partner Program.

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