With the growth of the affiliate marketing industry, new software solutions have emerged that can optimize and streamline the workflow of affiliates who work with Facebook Ads. In this review, we will discuss a product that can replace manual spreadsheets created in Excel and provide advanced features for accurate cost accounting, income tracking, and even Facebook accounts.

How Pepper CRM Works

Pepper CRM can handle three main tasks:

  1. Expense tracking: It can track all categories of expenses incurred by media buyers and break them down if required.
  2. Revenue tracking: Pepper CRM integrates with Keitaro, making it possible to track revenue generated by media buyers.
  3. Inventory management: It can keep track of all purchases and create a database where data on consumables like ad accounts, and proxies is stored.

As a result, the team receives the highest level of organization and control of finances and expenses. In a couple of clicks you can see:

  1. How many consumables and what type were allocated to a media buyer.
  2. Ad spend from each media buyer.
  3. The number of consumables of each type remaining in the database.
  4. ROI and ROMI in any context, whether by media buyer and by offer.
  5. Efficiency of media buyers or offers.

By keeping accurate records of expenses related to purchases and traffic, and synchronizing the income generated by Keitaro, you can combine all the data and understand the actual profitability of the team as a whole and each employee individually.

The software can be used either in a cloud-based format or installed directly on your server.

Setting up your account on Pepper CRM

There is a guide available in both text and video formats that can assist you in setting up your account in just 10 minutes. This article will outline the basic set up procedure for Pepper CRM.

To get started, the company owner needs to register first. They can then create multiple teams and assign a team leader to each of them. The team leader or the owner themselves can add media buyers and other team members. Additionally, during the registration process, you can link your Keitaro account, which will allow automatic loading of income information.

Next you need to enter:

1. Offers, specifying the basic conditions. You can pull up offers automatically from Keitaro.

2. Consumable categories. For example, your ad accounts, proxies, etc.

3. Payment services with conditions. There are several payment services available that offer credit cards for Facebook. By specifying your purchase conditions and commissions once, you can ensure that future expenses will be calculated automatically.

This completes the creation of the team’s basic infrastructure. Going forward, it is important to regularly log financial transactions and make entries of other expenses in the CRM system.

Record keeping in Pepper CRM

After purchasing your marketing tools, software or other resources, you can quickly enter them into CRM and, if necessary, immediately allocate them to your media buyers:

Credit cards data can then be quickly added, and all costs for issuing, topping up, writing off the balance and closing will be calculated automatically:

By making deposits and purchases, the overall balance of the payment service will be adjusted, as well as the balance of each individual credit card.

At this point, the media buyers profile now have access to their allocated offers and marketing resources, such as ad accounts, proxies, and cards. 

The next step is to transfer your campaigns to CRM, specifying the ad accounts, Facebook Pages, Business Managers, proxies, and other relevant details used.

All information on the campaigns will be immediately visible, including the campaign costs:

All other expenses that are not related to the cost of purchases or payment for traffic are made in the menu item “Financial transactions”:

Such expenses can be divided between media buyers and the team in any percentage:

In case of an error, the amount can be corrected. You can choose to increase or decrease the amount, indicate the difference, date and specify the reason for the adjustment:

This is what the list of expenses looks like with embedded transactions

Transactions can be sorted by expense type, date added, and soon by media buyers.


One of the places where you can see the results is the “Offers” tab:

Data marked as “confirmed” is calculated based on the actual payout. On the other hand, the mark “expected” is derived from the tracker, but discrepancies or issues with the payout can lead to changes in these indicators.

All statistics, regardless of context, can be viewed on the dashboard. To access them, you need to specify a date range first. Once you do that, you can use the two charts available to make comparisons between teams or buyers. However, it’s important to note that the parameters used for these comparisons must be identical.

The following options are available:

  • Traffic costs
  • Consumables
  • Other bills
  • Income
  • ROI
  • ROMI

Upcoming improvements

Now the Pepper CRM team is working on powerful functionality that will strengthen the product:

  • Integration with Facebook and TikTok to automatically pull up expenses and other information
  • Notifications when the cap limit is reached, so that buyers do not forget to stop traffic in time
  • Those who prefer to keep using their current tables can connect them to Pepper CRM via the API and manage their expenses in Google Docs. With this option, all the data will be transferred to Pepper CRM. Large teams can already take advantage of this functionality.


Now, Pepper CRM is completely free, and anyone can try using it to keep track of their money and affiliate marketing expenses. This will allow you to have full control over your activities and eliminate the possibility of losing any money.


Pepper CRM completely changes the approach to bookkeeping and accounting in the world of traffic arbitrage. Instead of using bulky tables, all data can now be entered into convenient software that automatically generates any analytics that you can imagine.

Moreover, since the product is now available for free, there is every reason to explore the text or video training options and register for the site to test out Pepper CRM.