Hi everyone! Webvork has quite a lot of technical content to offer: pre-landing page tips, tracker anti-detect browser set-ups. However, to increase your profit, you need creativity rather than technical training. People click on ads if they can spike interest in them if they stand out from their regular feeds. Today, we will try to elaborate on how to write a saleable ad copy.

We will focus on targeted advertising, so keep on reading, it’s going to be fun and educational!

From the very beginning, you need to understand that a good or bad conversion rate in affiliate marketing depends solely on your ad campaign tests. Sometimes pre-landing pages get so few conversions that affiliates decide to update their sites’ images, making them more suitable to the niche and just “fresher”. Usually, this makes the conversion increase by 40-50%. And it’s the same with ads. You can write a nice copy and make a creative for it, but it just won’t work. Then, you can make some small changes and that creative will suddenly get more conversions.

Here are some rules on how to make up targeted ads:

1. The image of the ad plays a key role, so be sure to use text on your image. It is the image that the person first pays attention to. It should be bright and somehow different from the other content in the user’s feed. Make sure that the user definitely stops to look at your creative and wants to spend more time exploring it with their eyes.

2. The ad copy is also extremely important. Whether a person clicks on the link to your pre-landing page or not depends on the ad’s copy. There is enough information out there on how to make high-quality images, many examples of creatives can be found in spying services or in our Vkontakte group (we publish new articles where we talk about one of the offers of our system, apply different creatives, and analyze approaches every month). But there is way less information on how to write ad copies properly. Thus, most of this article will be about good ad copy practices.

3. Your creative and copy should complement each other. People first see interesting images, then read the copy, follow the website, and leave their applications so that then you can get money under CPA or CPL models.

How to write nice ad copies

Here are some tips and recommendations. Creatives are tough. Sometimes ads that seem like complete nonsense get the most success. And sometimes ads made according to all the rules do not drive any conversions at all. The human brain is a unique body part. You can influence it, the main thing is just to find the right words.

So, here’s how to create ad copies for targeted ads:

1. Address to customers, not to all users.

Try not to make generalizations when you write your copy. The more specific the ad is, the better. A person must understand what is offered to them and what they will get from it. The ad must refer to the customer’s pains and desires. Fortunately, this is not so difficult to arrange in the nutra niche. When driving traffic to joint offers, write specifically about pain in the joints, and not about pain in general. Headache and joint pain are not the same thing, everyone knows that. This also applies to products for virility, weight loss, cystitis, and others.

A person must understand that your product will help them in solving their particular problem, in which case they will follow your website.

2. Long copies are a bad thing, while detailed abstracts are good.

You must understand that a lot of text cannot serve your ad well. You have pre-landing and landing pages where you can (and need to) go into detail on your product. In your ad, you need to convey as much key information as possible, but in a compressed form, i.e., abstracts. Try to make the introduction and closing text no more than 4-6 sentences, or 2-3 lines of text. Use abstracts for the rest of the copy. For example, you can list them. If you drive traffic to joint offers, then you can write something like this:

Main advantages:

1) Effect in 7 days.

2) Eliminates swelling and inflammation.

3) Restores tissues of intervertebral discs.

4) The pain will go away 15 minutes after application.

(bad copy)

(good copy)

So, talk about the benefits of your product in abstracts. If a person is interested in this, then they will want to read about the product in more detail. And you have your landing or pre-landing page for this, they tell how the product makes the pain syndrome go away, how the tissue regeneration process works, etc.

If there is too much text in the ad, people simply will not read it. Sure, you already understand how to make an ad that sells, and what it should look like, but that’s not all!

3. Use ideograms and emojis in your ad

Now this is not possible in all social networks, but it can really help. For example, you can add red x’s to the list of pains, and green checkmarks to the list of your offer’s benefits. This will give the ad a familiar look, the person will clearly understand what the product’s for and what its benefits are. Moreover, a person may not even read the entire text of your ad, it is enough for them to look at the green checkmarks text. If you get right into their pain, they will most likely open your site.

However, emojis should be appropriate, you don’t need to put 10 smiley faces in random parts of the ad. First, this robs you of characters that could be used for words. Secondly, this appears repulsive to many, it’s become kind of boring, and some users immediately scroll through such ads. Use ideograms and emoticons only when they are appropriate!

(bad copy)

(mediocre copy)

(good copy)

4. The structure and the very idea of​​​​the ad

The ad text can be written in the third person. For example, say, you have an elderly friend that found a way for her husband to make time during the night for something more fun than just sleeping. You can also write in the first person. For example, say that you found this remedy for your husband, and now you feel like you’re 25 again. It is possible to avoid this story approach at all by advertising the product and its wonderful effect. It’s debatable which way is better. All of these options drive conversions but you need to have a corresponding pre-landing page for each option, and your ad’s text should fit the product.

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How to make a selling ad work really well?

So, we’ve talked about the text and now you know what to write in your copies, what to pay attention to, and what you absolutely do not need to do. Now, let’s talk about the general structure and fully answer the question of saleable ads.

First, decide what the target audience of your ad is. For example, say, you drive traffic to weight loss offers and both men and women want to lose weight. However, if you go to the offer card in our network and look at the target audience for that product, you’ll see that Slim4vit’s target audience contains 82.84% of women and 17.16% of men.

This suggests that it is best to target ads only to women, so you can reach the target audience better. Now, for your creatives, it is best to use images of women and describe the product’s advantages and disadvantages specifically for women. For example, a man may not care about large hips, while it seems important for women.

Imagine the pains of your target audience. You can ask your friends about their insecurities and experiences in order to hit the target correctly. It is necessary to compose ads using all the above parameters together.

You can also write about a 50% discount in your ad – everybody loves discounts. Try to use only high-quality images. It’s perfect if you can do a before/after approach.

By following all these recommendations, as well as regularly visiting spying services, you will master this skill and know how to present your products in the best way.

Let’s sum this topic up

Write down the following notes and you won’t ever need to wonder how to write your ad copies again. With their help, you can quickly remember the main points.

1) There shouldn’t be much text.

2) It’s recommended to use ideograms and emojis.

3) Address only to the target audience, without any audience generalizations.

If you have some common sense, and logic, know a bit about the psychology of behavior and apply the acquired knowledge in practice, then you can easily implement any idea and earn money selling any offer.

Now you know how to write a saleable ad.

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We also took some comments on this topic from two experienced affiliates:

1) Daniil Alekseev, the owner of The Kreativy studio (the studio has its own media buying department):

Text is a very useful tool, because not only can you increase conversions or CTR by 1-2% but also get profit from your entire ad campaign and get a good ROI.

Facebook (banned in the Russian Federation) doesn’t like many banners’ ad copies from time to time, and you can’t have text-free creatives. In such moments, you can put the text in the headline or in the text of the ad, and leave the banner without text. Or use a teaser approach with a simple image without text that can easily pass moderation, but give it an eye-catching copy. It can be, say, “A young affiliate from Moscow stunned the team leader when he showed them the statistics from…”

Also, the copy can be written in unusual fonts so that Facebook can’t understand what it says, but the user can.

You can use short and clear phrases in the title: “click for more details”, “find out now”, “click before it is deleted”, “I beg you!”, “read”, etc.

Or type in “4.5/5” with star emojis.

2) Maxim, the Black Cardinal. Solo affiliate:

The text depends on the topic. For some products, the copy may actually be excess, but others can’t be sold without any text. For example, I always use the following text for weight loss or joints niches:

1) It’s cool to be thin.

2) Free from excess weight.

3) Top-notch health.

And everything like that with text on the image.


Now you know how to write a selling ad correctly, and you can easily apply the acquired knowledge in practice. May your launches be successful!

Love, Webvork