STM Forum is rightly seen as one of the best platforms for affiliate marketers to exchange their experiences. Although Telegram chats have been getting more popular in recent years, STM is still well-liked and helps a vast number of affiliates get new and valuable knowledge.

Clearly, this is owed not just to the community of seasoned marketers but also to the moderators, who wholeheartedly love their job. Today’s special guest is Amy Cheung, the moderator of the STM Forum. Her name is undoubtedly familiar to old-school affiliates, but it may be unknown to newbies. She usually doesn’t do interviews, but at the same time, she’s been creating guides and tutorials for the STM for many years. She agreed to make an exception for LeadBit. She shares her success story from an engineer to one of the most well-known industry figures.

Amy also answers the questions that concern many webmasters. Is it worth taking affiliate marketing courses? What verticals are in trend right now? How not to get stuck in the loop of doubts and inactions? But there’s still more in store for you! Amy is an all-rounder and charming person. It was a pleasure listening to her; that’s why our conversation was warm and meaningful.