Virtual bank cards are needed to drive traffic from Facebook, TikTok, Google or any other platform. Affiliates have a lot of requirements for services like that, for example, they need trusted bins, unlimited card issue feature, and, of course, they don’t want the price to be high. Also, they need features for teams and proper 24/7 support. 

The oldest affiliate network Traffic Light launched its own virtual debit card service designed for affiliates — FlexCard. It means that now you can get a card, link it to ad accounts and make profit without problems.   


FlexCard is good for advertising in various popular sources such as Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, you can also use them to drive traffic from Snapchat and Twitter.

The cards are recognized as Visa Business cards. Now, the service has two BINs. The first one – Sophia – is recognized as Spanish. The second one –  Barselona – is recognized as Brazilian. The team’s balance is divided between these two financial services. We’ll tell more about it a bit later.   

You can get any number of cards quickly. Issuing a card isn’t expensive: it costs €2 for BIN Sophia and €4 for BIN Barselona.

You can replenish the balance of a card with the help of Wire transfer, USDT, or affiliate network balance.  Minimum deposit amount is €50 if you use USDT or affiliate network balance and €100 if you use a bank card. Commission vary depending on a BIN.  Replenishment commission is 6,5% (for BIN Sophia) and 4% (for BIN Barcelona).

As you can see, the currency is Euro. If you use any other currency to replenish your balance, you’ll have to pay a 1% fee.  


User-friendly interface allows to issue cards for yourself and for team members. A distinguishing feature of this service is simple ad budget management. The funds are linked to an account, not to the cards, you can regulate money spending with the help of personal limits.  

Features for teams and distribution of roles in an account of FlexCard make working with a lot of traffic easier. 

A card may be issued by: Owner — the head of the team, Manager — a manager/TeamLead of the team, this person manages the funds and controls buyer statistics. Teammate — buyer may obey Owner or Manager, but can’t view statistics. Transactions are confirmed via 3ds, you can find a code in your personal account.  

There’s convenient statistics on every team participant – expenses, balance, valid and invalid cards. 

If you drive traffic on your own, you’ll be the only person on the list.  


There’re only two available BINs, but they promise the third one will appear soon.   

Also, you can’t use this service to pay for subscription for the first time.  

How to start using FlexCard, special characteristics of a personal account  

To start using the service sign up for FlexCard. Enter your data, confirm your email and contact the support team to activate your account. 

After activation, replenish your balance, issue a card and link it to an ad account. BIN Barcelona works better with Google, both options work great with FB and ТТ.

The interface of the personal account is user-friendly, thanks to the devs. 

All new users can get a free card with BIN Sophia, using TL promo code. Contact the support team and get your card.